Colgate extra clean manual toothbrush review – 3 pack

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A cheap 3 pack of good quality manual toothbrushes - perfect as spares or for overnight guests.

Overall Score 4
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Reviewed by: Mark

I may be a bit of a dinosaur when it comes to toothbrushes – I am the only one in our household still using a manual toothbrush but why change when I am perfectly happy with one ?! This is why I bought the 3 pack of Colgate extra clean manual toothbrushes from Amazon.  At £2.40 for 3 toothbrushes, they are a real bargain and it is always worth having a spare for when the bristles start to splay or if we have guests that have forgotten theirs (most often the kids friends on sleepovers!).  This pack of toothbrushes offer 3 in different colours which is helpful if other members of the house are using them. Although, not ideal for the environment (disposing of non-recyclable plastic) when they do wear out, it is very cheap to replace these toothbrushes.  I am possibly a bit heavy handed but I normally replace one every couple of months.  It depends what you like but the only point of caution worth mentioning is that these toothbrushes are marked as having medium nylon bristles.  For me, they are probably more soft / medium which is good if you have sensitive teeth and gentler on receding or bleeding gums.

Overall, well worth the money, if you are happy with a manual toothbrush and can live without special features like timers, rotating heads etc.

*price at time of reviewing.

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