Colgate Kids Minions Battery Powered Toothbrush review

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A good option for reluctant young children to get them to enthusiastic about cleaning their teeth.

Overall Score 3.5
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Overall Score
Reviewed by: Charlie

We bought a couple of these battery operated toothbrushes a while ago as the dentist commented that the children could be doing a better job brushing their teeth and I thought the child friendly design may make them more eager to do so.  It certainly did at first.  I feel these were good ‘in between’ brushes for us as the children got used to brushing their own teeth (with a little help from the oscillating head) and the fun designs made them more enthusiastic.  The bristles are extra soft which is more comfortable for young kids and the handle is easy to hold.  Our children found the on /off button easy to use and the size of the toothbrush head seemed appropriate.  We opted for Minions brushes but Colgate offer the same model in other designs like Spiderman and Barbie.  We have recently moved on to an electric toothbrush as the kids are brushing better and have more adult teeth. An electric toothbrush offers more features and I feel is likely to give the teeth a more thorough clean – although it does depend on the user!

I doubt this battery operated toothbrush is the best option for getting the cleanest teeth but I would recommend them for children between the ages of 3 to 8 who may be a little reluctant to brush their teeth.  For £7, we felt that a few months use to get them keen meant they were worth the investment.

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