Colgate ProClinical Lightweight RechargeableToothbrush

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An absolute bargain travel toothbrush. Super light-weight, slim & convenient with incredible battery life!

Overall Score 5
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Overall Score
Reviewed by: Susannah

If you’re looking for a travel toothbrush, or if you just don’t like heavier models, this is an excellent buy.

The smallest, lightest electric toothbrush I’ve ever owned, this actually fits in your pocket if you separate the head from the handle. The weight is a massive selling point. It’s just 1/3 of the weight of my Philips Sonicare.

It’s also extraordinarily good value – normally retailing at around £18 – £20 and it’s often in the sale.  Even if you have to buy at full price, it’s worth it.

The brush itself is small – about 2/3 size of a standard sized Philips / Oral B or Colgate brush head.   That’s why I think it would suit kids or teens too – it looks grown up, but is good for smaller mouths & hands.   The bristles are also softer than a standard electric toothbrush, so useful if you have slightly more sensitive teeth or gums.

In terms of settings, it’s simple rather than sophisticated: it’s just got a straightforward on / off button.  It does also have a timer which buzzes each time you need to move the toothbrush around your mouth, and tells you when to finish after 2 minutes.  The tongue cleaner on the back of the toothbrush head feels a bit gimmicky but is quite a useful extra feature.

Replacement heads can be bought with no significant cost and of course you’ll need to change the AAA batteries from time to time. It’s good with battery life though, I’ve had mine 6 months and I’ve not had to change them yet.

Are there any negatives?

Well, it sounds ‘tinny’ compared to your larger, heavier toothbrushes: it’s got a little voice, to match its little size and weight.   It also feels insubstantial in your hand – which is fine if you like lighter, or manual toothbrushes, but it doesn’t give you that reassuringly chunky feel.   It also doesn’t clean as well as the more expensive toothbrushes on the market.  It’s basic –  no cross-action, timers or additional features and you’re expected to move the toothbrush more so that you’re sharing the job with the motor.

For me, this is a great toothbrush for holidays, work trips and my older children.  I personally prefer my larger Philips electric toothbrush on a daily basis as I get a better clean, but this is perfect to chuck in my washbag and a total bargain too.

Note – 3 years later it’s still going strong.  Battery lasts about 3 weeks before having to re-charge!

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