Fairywill Electric Sonic Toothbrush Review

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For just over £20 what's not to like!

Overall Score 4
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Overall Score
Reviewed by: Ross

I bought this toothbrush for our teenage son having read some of the many 5* reviews on Amazon.  The most important things to me when deciding which toothbrush to go for were a good price, a few features and accessories ie. heads, timer etc and having a guarantee.

The Fairywill Sonic Electric toothbrush meets my criteria and does more than it needs to!  The toothbrush is for my son, and so I am pleased that all I need to do is to change the head from time to time, and charge it up when it gets run down (like we all do!).  He initially found the sonic toothbrush to be a bit tickly, but adapted within a day or two, and actually told me he now prefers it to his old electric one.  Seems to be pretty good. The battery life seems to be great – about a month or so which is quite a long time in my experience.  For a £20 toothbrush, we are pretty impressed with the features it offers too.  It has 5 different modes, though to be honest, I’m not sure that they are ever used beyond the basic “Clean” function!  We love the USB charging cable, as you can just plug it in with the phone chargers when it needs charging – this is particularly useful when travelling.

The Fairywill Sonic Electric Toothbrush came with 3 spare heads and a tiny brush for cleaning between braces, which is important for my son.

The main advantages of this Fairywill toothbrush are that it is cheap to buy and easy to charge.  The toothbrush heads have different length bristles which is great for cleaning in between teeth and around the gum line. I can’t really think of any disadvantages.  The only thing is not losing the charging cable since it is not a simple USB connection, like the Nevadent version I also use.

I would definitely recommend this toothbrush, for £20 it is great value.  We usually buy a new toothbrush every few months but hopefully this will just need new heads and will last a bit longer.

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