Oral B iO9™ Electric Toothbrush Review

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Wow! The best electric toothbrush we have tried, the only downside is the price.

Overall Score 4.5
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Reviewed by: Susannah

The latest offering from Oral B, market leader in electric toothbrushes, is the Oral B iO9™ Electric Toothbrush.  6 years in the making, this hi-tech, high end, all singing and dancing electric toothbrush was well worth the wait.

Wow!  It is 100 times more sophisticated than my old Oral B Pro 650.  It feels like I have moved on years with regards to dental hygiene.  The toothbrush came with everything I needed to get started and more. The set up is really straight-forward.  Once the electric toothbrush is fully charged, there is a QR code on the back of the manual you can scan to get going or you can download the free Oral B app from the App store. It probably sounds obvious to most but I’m not a tech guru and this was all new and exciting to me.

It did feel a bit strange taking my phone in to the bathroom (i’m tempted to get a waterproof case) and the Oral B iO9™ toothbrush can be used without it but it seems a waste not to use the smart technology on offer.   One of the key features for me, has been the display telling me that I am brushing too hard as I have suffered from bleeding gums and need to visit the hygienist regularly (which has been tricky during covid times).  Initially, the app told me this a lot so I guess I may have been brushing too hard for years!  Other useful features include allowing you to choose your preferred brushing mode (I like the ‘whitening option’ best out of the 7 modes available) and showing you the area of my mouth you have brushed, so you don’t forget anywhere.  I’d imagine my previous approach may have been a bit random with less sensitive areas getting a better brush than others.  The timer is also good to make sure I brush for the full recommended 2 minutes and the welcome ‘hello’ and medal at the end are gimmicky but fun.

The other benefits of the Oral B iO9™ Electric Toothbrush are the style / design.  The toothbrush itself is sleek and comes in 3 different colours, black, white and rose and the charging station is much more attractive than previous models.  The handy travel charger looks more like a high end sunglasses case and hopefully I will be able to put it to good use before too long.  I have found it necessary to give the handle a quick wash after each use though, as the toothpaste can drip down the handle and on to the display.

I certainly feel that my teeth are getting a more professional clean at home now and I am hoping that when I get back to the dentist, the costs of an extra clean and polish and visits to the hygienist will be a thing of the past.  I have seen a few other reviewers commenting on the battery life of this toothbrush but I haven’t felt this is a problem for me.   I do tend to automatically put my toothbrush back on charge after use though .

Is it worth the price (currently £250), only time will tell.  I love it but it is expensive so I expect it to last a long, long time.  Even given my love for this electric toothbrush, the RRP of £500 is extortionate.  I don’t think I could ever spend that much on a toothbrush but given the 50% off price available at Boots and Amazon currently and Black Friday only 2 months away, I think you should be able to buy smart and get this excellent toothbrush for a good price.  Recommended for the guy / gal who has everything, tech lovers and those looking to try and save money on dental hygienist bills. My kids would probably like the tech and the online medal to say they have brushed well but I haven’t convinced my husband to buy them  both one yet – may be we could opt for different brush heads and use the same one??

* price at time of reviewing (50% off RRP)

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