Oral B Power Teen White Electric Toothbrush review

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A great Smart electric toothbrush for all teens but especially for those with braces.

Overall Score 5
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Reviewed by: Charlotte

I came across the Oral B Power Teen White Electric Toothbrush after one of my 13 year old son’s molar’s (thankfully still a baby tooth) cracked in half.  For years, I have been asking him to brush his teeth properly and here’s hoping this incident has given him the wake up call he needs as he doesn’t seem blessed with strong teeth! To start afresh and adopt better dental hygiene, I promised him a new toothbrush.  Reviews were good and at half price at £39.99* the Oral B Power teen electric toothbrush seems a perfect electric toothbrush for teenage children.  This version is white with a zebra print.

This electric toothbrush is a SMART toothbrush, giving real-time feedback on how you are brushing your teeth ie too much pressure, not long enough etc through Bluetooth connectivity and the Oral-B app.  Although it is not as sophisticated as some of the high end electric toothbrushes, this is good enough for us.  For a teenager, I think this is a win – win as it means they can take their phone to the bathroom to brush their teeth and their parents don’t mind as it’s helping them brush their teeth properly and potentially save on dental bills.  The built in timer also ensures they do not waste more than 2 minutes brushing their teeth  – my son’s words not mine!  He is certainly keener to use this toothbrush and most days we find him brushing twice a day, which is great.  Whether he is seeing ‘100 percent more plaque removal’ as the manufacturer claims, I cannot tell but I’m confident his teeth are being cleaned better.  The battery seems to last for well over a week as well which is so helpful for us as we don’t have a shaver point in the kids bathroom so he needs to charge it in our ensuite.

The final thing to mention which I think is brilliant, is that the Oral B Power teen toothbrush comes with 2 toothbrush heads -1 Sensi Ultrathin and 1 Ortho care for braces.  He is using the former at the moment but it won’t be long before the latter is needed.  I haven’t come across many toothbrushes specifically for teens and brace wearers and so I can see this being really popular.  At the discounted price, we would highly recommend this electric toothbrush.

* Price given is at the time of reviewing.

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