Oral-B PRO 600 Sensi Ultrathin Electric Rechargeable Toothbrush review

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Final Thoughts

Great value electric toothbrush - leaves your teeth feeling really clean.

Overall Score 4.5
Cleaning Ability
Battery Life
Value for Money
Overall Score
Reviewed by: Charlotte

Our dentist recommended an electric toothbrush for our 13 year old son, as he didn’t seem to be brushing his bottom teeth very well using a manual toothbrush.  I did a little research by reading reviews online but my main driver for buying this Oral-B PRO 600 Sensi Ultrathin Electric Rechargeable Toothbrush was the price.  He’s a typical teenage boy, so it didn’t seem worth spending money on features he will never use and the only thing we needed was a toothbrush that would get his teeth really clean!

It seems to be doing the job.  The toothbrush is easy to use, it has a narrower handle which suits a younger person and charges with our other Oral B toothbrushes.  The battery seems to last just over a week and then takes up to 24hrs to recharge fully.  The lights indicate when it needs to be charged so it is very straightforward.  We don’t have a 2 point shaver plug in the kids bathroom so it does mean our son now brushes his teeth in our bathroom as that’s where his charger is.  Ideally, it would come with an adaptor but we could have ordered one online and just haven’t got round to it!  The 2 min timer has also been an important feature for us with 30sec prompts to move the brush around your mouth.  Sounds simple but for an absent minded teen, it is very helpful!

We would highly recommend this toothbrush, especially at the current sale price.



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