Philips Airfloss / Power Flosser Oral Irrigator Review

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£75 at John Lewis
Final Thoughts

A high end air flosser from one of the market leaders. Easy to use with either water or mouth wash and comes with a 2 year guarantee.

Overall Score 4.5
Cleaning Ability
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Overall Score
Reviewed by: Charlie

Update:  This has been replaced by the Philips Sonicare HX3806 Cordless Power Flosser 3000 Oral Irrigator at John Lewis.  It’s a very good product – even better than the Air floss in our opinion and comes in white, or smart black – with the same price point £75.


I have always been encouraged by my dentist to floss and to be honest I often forget and then require an extra clean by the hygienist.  During lockdown however, I was conscious that I had missed my 6 month check up and needed to be more conscientious with my dental hygiene.  Having never bought an air flosser before, I came across the Philips HX8438/01 Airfloss Electric Flosser when looking for a new toothbrush at John Lewis.   I was impressed by the reviews especially hearing people say that they only had to use it for 60 seconds twice a day to ensure their teeth felt extra clean. After only a few weeks, I definitely feel my teeth are cleaner than they would without flossing.  As a novice to air flossing, it did take a few attempts to get used to the shots of water in my mouth and I did suffer from some bleeding of my gums but now I am used to it (and remember to keep my mouth closed), it has become so quick and easy to use. I do hope my dentist will be impressed when I finally make it back to the surgery.   I haven’t tried using disclosing tablets to check that I am getting all the plaque from my teeth but it feels like it is effective.   I am in no hurry to go back to manual flossing.  This Philips Flosser is also slick looking, light and easy to handle and so I think it would be a good option for those with limited dexterity e.g. arithitis sufferers.

I have been filling the reservoir with water to floss my teeth as I like to do it after brushing but you can also use mouthwash but I’d recommend if you do this you don’t do it immediately after brushing your teeth as it may take away the concentrated fluoride needed by your teeth from the toothpaste.

This is definitely at the higher end of the dental flosser market.  At £75 it isn’t cheap, especially when you think that manual interdental brushes and dental floss only cost a few pounds.  However, this air flosser offers a much quicker and more pleasant experience, and does come with a 2 year guarantee so should last, making it good value overall in my opinion(cheaper than frequent dentist visits!).  I haven’t tried other electric flossers before but I am very happy with this one.

*EDIT* I have recently been informed that this flosser is great to remove plaque and food for people with braces.

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