Rollybrush 25 Chewable Toothbrushes review

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Final Thoughts

Currently being reviewed but they seem like a great 'on the go' breath freshener!

Overall Score 4
Cleaning Ability
Value for Money
Overall Score
Reviewed by: Charlotte

Ever left the house for school and realized your child ‘forgot’ to brush their teeth?  Embarrassingly this happens far too often with us and my son is 13 – eek!! So I have just found these Rollybrush chewable toothbrushes and I plan to pop them in the glove compartment of the car when they arrive for emergencies.  I cannot believe they offer anywhere near the clean an electric toothbrush does but they don’t pretend to and they are marketed as ‘It is an on-the-go mouth and breath freshener’.  That said they do contain Fluoride and Xylitol to strengthen your teeth and fight plaque so they are way better than a polo mint.

Unfortunately at time of ordering, I could only find the 25 pack in stock (or more) so let’s hope we find them useful!

I will update you with how we get on with this product.

*price at time of reviewing. 

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