Sonic Chic Deluxe Rechargeable Travel Toothbrush review

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A compact, stylish travel toothbrush that you can charge with a USB charger whilst away.

Overall Score 4
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Reviewed by: Charlotte

I bought the Sonic Chic Urban toothbrush for my daughter’s PGL trip and she loved it and so my son asked if he could have one for his school leaver’s trip too. So we had a look at the designs available and he chose the Sonic Chic Deluxe Rechargeable Travel Toothbrush in ruby red (he is a Man Utd fan!!).  It was on special offer at the time and so I did not realise this was an upgrade on his sister’s toothbrush but when it arrived you could tell.  The key differences between the 2 brushes are:

Sonic Chic Urban Sonic Chic Deluxe
Fashionable, fun designSleek metallic design in 3 colours
Ventilated hygienic capVentilated hygienic cap
22,000 brush strokes per minute28,000 - 32,000 brush strokes per minute, dual speed and built in quadrant timer
Battery and extra replacement brush head includedUSB cable for charging and extra replacement brush head included
Precision head cleans hard-to-reach areasPrecision head cleans hard-to-reach areas

The other difference is the price!  The RRP of the deluxe toothbrush is £29.99, however it’s often sale at Amazon, so keep an eye on our sales & offer page.  In many other ways the brushes are similar.  We love the fact they are compact and have a ventilating cap to keep the brushes clean.  Perfect for travelling, taking to the gym, sleepovers.  The toothbrush head does look very small but worked for my kids – the eldest is 13 years old.  That said I wouldn’t buy one of these for my husband or for everyday use.  The deluxe version provides more thorough cleaning with a higher number of strokes per minute and has a built in timer which prompts him every 30 seconds to move the brush and keeps going until 2 minutes is up.  It sounds basic but for a teenage boy, everything helps!  The ability to charge using a USB cable is useful too, as he is also glued to his phone, so will always have a USB charger handy.

I’d recommend this for older children and teens when staying away from home.  Great for infrequent use and easy to chuck in a bag and go.  If you’re looking for a slim, rechargeable travel toothbrush for adults or older teens, go for the Colgate ProClinical Lightweight Battery Toothbrush  – an amazingly reliable, light toothbrush which goes for weeks without recharging.

*price at time of reviewing.

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