Sonic Chic Urban Travel Toothbrush review

Sonic-Chic-Urban-Travel-Toothbrush-Review Not currently available
£20 at Boots
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A really handy travel toothbrush - lightweight and compact. Perfect for a sleepover, weekend away.

Overall Score 4.5
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Overall Score
Reviewed by: Isabella and Mum

Update: Currently unavailable.

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I bought this Sonic Chic Toothbrush for my 10 year old daughter before her School residential trip last month.  She uses an electric toothbrush at home but it’s too bulky to travel with and I didn’t want to risk it to run out of charge while she was away.  This Sonic Chic battery operated travel toothbrush seemed the perfect option.  She loves the design and the compact size and the cap meant it was easy to pack in with her other toiletries.  As toothbrushes go, this one is pretty cool!  She was excited about packing it.

Isabella’s says:  ‘ I really like my toothbrush, as it looks nice and has a lid so that the brush doesn’t get dirty.  Sometimes when I tried to turn it off though, it kept going if I didn’t press the button hard enough’

Offering 22,000 strokes a minute, a battery and spare head, this a handy little toothbrush which is brilliant for weekends away, hospital stays, sleepovers or to carry in your handbag.  My only concern would be the size, this is lightweight and small.  Probably best for older kids and teens especially with a choice of modern designs at Boots, including ‘leopard’ simple black, ‘flaming lips’ ‘tribal’ and ‘drama llama’!


Not currently available