Tulip Electric Toothbrush Holder review

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Final Thoughts

A useful accessory to hold your electric toothbrush - good value too.

Overall Score 4
Cleaning Ability
Value for Money
Overall Score
Reviewed by: Charlie

I appreciate this is not a toothbrush review but I thought it useful to let our readers know about this handy electric toothbrush accessory.  I came across the Tulip electric toothbrush holder in M&S.  I had been getting a bit fed up with ring marks left on the side of the bathroom basin from our electric toothbrushes and at the time I had 20% off sparks vouchers so for £9.60 this looked like a good buy.  I’ve never had an electric toothbrush holder – only manual ones that have been regular plastic or ceramic cup shapes – but this was a bit different.  Neutral in appearance, it is made of white stone with a silver base which I think looks quite nice. The tulip electric toothbrush holder is not a luxury item but it holds our 2 electric toothbrushes, keeps the side of the basin tidier and most importantly clean!  The quality of the item seems fine, I doubt it is going to last forever but in my opinion it was a bargain buy and I am really pleased with it.

*Price at time of reviewing.

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