Oral-B Vitality Cross Action Plus Electric Toothbrush Review

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A relatively cheap and basic electric toothbrush that is well made and offers a deep clean.

Overall Score 4.5
Cleaning Ability
Battery Life
Value for Money
Overall Score
Reviewed by: Charlie

The Oral-B Vitality Cross Action Plus Electric Toothbrush  seems to be a popular option for first time users of Electric toothbrushes.  The reason we have been given for this are that their dentist has recommended they use an electric toothbrush and this one is made by one of the market leaders, it is a good price and doesn’t have too many complicated features so it was worth a try.  I bought my The Oral-B Vitality Cross Action Plus Electric Toothbrush almost a year ago and I completely agree – it is great value.

I believe the term cross action is specific to Oral B and refers to the toothbrush head which is round and helps clean each tooth individually.  I also feel it works well at the back of my teeth and along my gumline as the head isn’t too big.  I like the timer feature on this toothbrush as well.  I think it is quite a common feature but the 2 minute timer which shudders at 30 second intervals so you move the brush around is good.  I am often busy thinking about my ‘things to do’ list and so this handy prompt makes sure that at least brushing my teeth is done well!  The only negative for me, is my version of this toothbrush doesn’t have a light to tell me when the battery is getting low but the battery does last a long time between charging.

I would definitely recommend this Oral B electric toothbrush.  It’s not really fancy but it does the job well.



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